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‘History Is About What It Means To Be Human’: Sujit Sivasundaram— #The Debrief w/Roel Raymond

In the latest episode of #TheDebrief, Roar Media Editor-in-Chief @roelraymond speaks to University of Cambridge Professor of World History Sujit Sivasundaram about his two books, ‘Islanded’ and ‘Waves Across the South’, as he recounts the importance of world history, the forgotten legacy of the global South, and where Sri Lanka is now in the crosshairs of geopolitical rivalries.


‘Amphetamine, LSD Etc. Can Cause Psychiatric Illnesses’: Dr Jayan Mendis – The Debrief w/Roel Raymond

Does #mentalhealth get enough support from the local health system? What is the difference between needing #psychological support and #psychiatric care? Can drugs like #cannabis and #amphetamines cause psychiatric illnesses? Can the ‘war against drugs’ be sustained with mere arrests and little rehabilitation, support and care? Former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr Jayan Mendis speaks to Roel Raymond on The Debrief.


In Conversation w/ Professor Rohan Samarajiva: Drones For Surveillance — What Are The Implications?

With drones being deployed for surveillance last week, to ensure quarantine laws are not being violated, the conversation around privacy, technology, big data and government has reached a new crescendo. What, if any, implications does the use of this technology have on us? Rohan Samarajiva Chairperson of LIRNEasia, an ICT policy and regulation think-tank, spoke to us on the issue.


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