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‘From Community, To Community’: How Community Kitchens Feed Sri Lanka’s Underserved

Once we had an uncle who told us that it was his second plate of rice after four months. Another one said he had a piece of chicken after three months,” Akash Moses recalled while behind him the daily operations of the Rajagiriya Community Kitchen run by the Voice For Voiceless Foundation were in full swing. “Then there was this homeless community in Kamachchode in Negombo. The people there thanked us for the food and thanked us for having a meal with them when everyone else have alienated them.


Wired Differently: Seeking Off-grid Solutions To Power Cuts

Going off-grid is the perfect solution to the current crisis in the country,” Naleem Deen (47), a resident of Hunupitiya, can power his house using hybrid batteries and solar power panels for two days — without having to depend on the national electricity grid that supplies the electricity. “I don’t have to depend on the Electricity Board at all. That’s why it’s called off-grid. My electricity bill for the month is almost zero,” he said.


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