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How To Save Money This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While it is mainly the festive and fun aspects of Christmas that we like to talk and get excited about, the inner scrooge in all of us positively dread this time of year; so much so that a human being saving up money for Christmas shopping is really like a bear going into hibernation. If you do not fatten up your bank account in time for the year – end sales run, you are in for a sad, sad Christmas indeed.


Five Annoying Things Sri Lankans Do When They Go Abroad

We Sri Lankans are very much people of the land. We are islanders through and through. You can take us out of Sri Lanka, but you can’t take Sri Lanka out of us, and this is quite obvious when we travel abroad. And there are quite a few of us who live abroad. Wikipedia says that Sri Lankan diaspora number around 3 million. If you are not willing to accept Wikipedia as absolute fact (you monster!) UNESCAP has a 2010 estimate of 1.7 million migrants working abroad. Which means we are spread across the world like marmite on a piece of roast paan, and are just as flavourful.


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