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7 Ways To Top Your Hair Game

Sri Lanka isn’t as relaxed as it used to be – in today’s world of busy schedules, tight deadlines, and traffic jams, things like dressing up to feel good are often forced to take a backseat. Sure, everybody wants to look and feel good, but how many of us have the time (or energy) to put in the effort?

As it turns out, there is a quick fix to this predicament: a simple change of hairstyle. Before you roll your eyes and go “Pfft! Do you even know how long it takes to style my hair?” take a few moments to go over the videos below.

Renowned stylist Ramani Fernando teamed up with hair care experts Sunsilk to show Sri Lankan women a series of hairstyles that can be tried out, in minutes, on different hair types and for different occasions. There’s minimum fuss, with some pretty cool results.

Fishtail Braid

This one’s called a ‘Friday Evening Fishtail’. It looks like it requires a bit of meticulous braiding at the beginning, but gets easier as you go on. The end result is a pretty, but rather comfortable look. Also, the longer your hair, the better it’s likely to look.


In case you dismissed the previous video with a “No, that won’t work, my hair’s too curly,” then this one should cheer you up. This stunning style has been tried out on a model with super curly hair, and although the process may look a little more complicated than the previous one, the results appear to be worth it. Sure, it doesn’t exactly look casual, but then again, they did tell you it’s a ‘Romantic Roll-up for a Date Night.”

High Ponytail

This one has been tried out on a model with very straight hair but involves a straightforward, simple process, that could probably work on other hair types too. The video suggests that this ‘Perfect High Ponytail’ should be ideal for a party, but it looks versatile enough for just about any occasion.

Top Knot

If your hair is thick but neither super straight or nice and curly, a ‘Top Knot’ like this should work for a sophisticated look.

Professional Perfect

Speaking of sophistication, the ‘Professional Perfect’ look should work for any woman aiming to make a strong impression that’s also pleasant to look at. What’s more, styles like this one, and the previous top knot, are probably ideal for warm Lankan weather, leaving your neck bare and comfortable.


This ‘Side Twist for a Night Out’ has been demonstrated on a model with slightly wavy hair, and appears to have struck a perfect balance between elegant and comfortable. It doesn’t look too hard to try out, either.

Sophisticated Twist

Another style for the professional woman – although this ‘Sophisticated Twist’ looks a lot more youthful than the ‘Top Knot.’ If you like braiding, this one’s for you.

YouTube tutorials are nearly everyone’s go-to solution for a large number of things these days, and this series of videos should help both the Sri Lankan woman who loves experimenting with her appearance, and the one who thinks she doesn’t have time to, but wouldn’t mind a bit of help. Of course, there are certain practicalities to be considered: constant styling may have a tendency to take a toll on your hair.

The good news is that this can be avoided if one takes good care of their hair. It also helps to know that the thicker your hair, the less prone it will be to damage. As these videos have been telling you, yoghurt protein is one element that helps strengthen hair. Sunsilk believes that their new product ‘Thick and Long Shampoo and Conditioner’ is ideal in helping maintain thick hair for the very reason that it contains the necessary yoghurt protein. At the end of the day, thick hair is never a bad thing to aim for – not only is it likely to look good, but will allow you to experiment with as many styles as you please, as often as you please.

Cover image credit: superzena.b92.net

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