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Fresh News : Closeup creates Digital History!

Expression is at the heart of everything that drives the youth of Sri Lanka today. How we look and sound matters to us and therefore, we invest in clothing and accessory brands, cosmetics, and personal care products that helps us further tone our personality.

However, what’s the point of all that if anytime we meet someone new and open our mouths to say hello, there’s a wave of bad breath reeking out at them? You could be sharing a million dollar idea and yet the person listening to you will only be able to think about why your breath smells like garlic. You’re probably sniffing your breath right about now, shuddering at the thought.

Enter the ‘Closeup Fresh Breath’ song: one minute of laughs and slight jabs on everyday situations we find ourselves in, and how bad breath can ruin those moments, including a ruined selfie.

Yet, the reaction to the video speaks volumes on how well it has connected with the youth of the country. The virality of the video has truly surpassed all other local Facebook videos and, according to recent research, it now reigns as the most viewed Sri Lankan Facebook video in history.

Keep your confidence sky high and give bad breath the boot with #Closeup! හඬින් කියන දේ කටින් කියන්න! #gelවෙන්න #freshවෙන්න #Closeupවෙන්න!
Posted by Closeup on Monday, 7 March 2016

The success of the entire digital campaign also brings to light something else ‒ the power of digital engagement to truly connect with youth on issues that matter to them, and Closeup’s ability to understand and integrate itself towards becoming a part of the youth’s personal hygiene regime.

Now isn’t that refreshing?

Speaking on the ‘Closeup Fresh Breath’ song becoming the most viewed Sri Lankan Facebook video, brand manager of Closeup, Aaqib Reyal told Roar that, “As Sri Lanka’s number one gel toothpaste and confidence expert, Closeup is at the forefront of connecting with youth on tackling the issue of bad breath and building an optimal hygiene regime, the Fresh Breath song is the culmination of such efforts.” He also said that the campaign was a massive success in “enabling Closeup to engage with over two million youth all across Sri Lanka.”

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