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Living In The Heart Of The City

Rich history, breathtaking skylines, and a unique culture, are what makes the city of Colombo so attractive. Being the commercial capital and the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo has everything from historical monuments, colonial architecture, and a vibrant nightlife to a very diverse population.

Alongside the hustle and the bustle, the city offers everything from the best of modern technology to the quirkiest of cafes,  making Colombo an eclectic city with a vibe that is sought by individuals who fancy the city lifestyle.

History of Colombo

The cityscapes of Colombo feature many buildings with colonial architecture that hint at Colombo’s history that dates back to the 5th century. Introduced by the Portuguese in 1505, the name Colombo is believed to derive from the Sinhalese words Kolon- thota, meaning port on the river Kelani. Having a unique location, Colombo was considered a prime harbor in trade relations between Asia and the West, as well as for the island’s much sought after goods, cinnamon, and gems.

The colonial buildings in Colombo reflect the city’s rich history. Image Courtesy -lindaharrower.blogspot.com

Beauty of Colombo

For a city that grew as fast as Colombo, one might not expect much in terms of beauty. However, Colombo stands out with a beauty all its own.

The superstructures of Colombo bestow outstanding overviews of the city and give individuals the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the island’s most spectacular sunsets. The Galle Face Green is yet another one of those iconic spots that contributes to Colombo’s beauty, with people flocking the beach to enjoy the cool breeze and take a stroll down the promenade indulging themselves in some of the island’s popular street food.

Strolls down the Galle Face Green with some island street food never cease to get old. Image courtesy – atlastandboots.com

From distinctive structures like the Cargills building in Fort to the National Museum in Cinnamon Gardens, the heart of Colombo is home to a number of exquisite colonial buildings. Making the city one that is striking, but also reflecting Sri Lanka’s history, these buildings are just few of the many factors that make Colombo a city that speaks volumes.

The General Post Office is one of the many colonial buildings that make Colombo a city that is striking. Image courtesy – roystonellis.com

The city is not just about the buildings, it’s also about the people. Having an interesting blend of individuals from top businessmen to the much-famed tuk-tuk drivers, Colombo is home to friendly faces who mirror the city’s beauty beyond the ordinary.

The friendly faces of Colombo also mirror the city’s beauty. Image Courtesy – goodmarket.lk

The Colombo Culture

Talk about diversity and Colombo has got you covered. The influence of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British play a significant role in what is now known as the Colombo culture. Housing individuals of all ethnicities, the city of Colombo has variety in terms of food, clothing, and lifestyle that builds up the ultimate Colombo culture.

Involving a lot diversity the culture of Colombo is one that stands out. Image Courtesy – Nazly Ahmed

Embracing western influence whilst staying true to Sri Lanka’s treasured culture, Colombo offers something more than the typical busy city vibe. As any other commercial city, Colombo too is all about the bustle with individuals commuting from one place to another. However, it is this energy that brings out the true essence of Colombo’s culture.

The hustle and the bustle brings out the energy that compliments the city’s culture. Image Courtesy – steuartholidays.com

The culture is not limited to its energy and diversity. The city being center to some of Sri Lanka’s most renowned hotels, fine dining is quite popular when living in the heart of the city. It doesn’t stop there. From fine dining to cafes, the city’s culture is also about the crowded yet heartwarming kottu spots or a refreshing king coconut by a roadside cart.

The heartwarming kottu joints of Colombo are also a significant part of the Colombo’s culture. Image Courtesy – exploresrilanka.lk

Above all, what makes the culture of Colombo so special is its inclusive nature. The heart of the city is not home to just the prospering businesses or apartment blocks. It is also home to street side vendors, tuk-tuk drivers, and many other individuals who make the city so interesting.

The Future Of Colombo

With more opportunities everyday, and an environment that allows individuals to bring out the best version of themselves, living in the heart of the city has become a favorable option. This calls to question issues such as the city becoming densely populated and having the space to accommodate migration into the city.

Making Colombo living an accessible option, the upcoming residential properties spread across the city give individuals the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of living in a city. Making life in the city with livable spaces, Tri-zen by John Keells Properties is transforming city life into something more than just a busy lifestyle.

The upcoming residential properties are making way for individuals to enjoy the convenience of living in the city. Image Courtesy – cinnamonlife.com

Creating the space for more individuals to enjoy Colombo living, the upcoming residential properties are not just about promoting convenience but also about making people enjoy the true essence of what living in the heart of the city is all about.

Cover Image Courtesy – asiawebdirect.com

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