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Gandys Flip Flops

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Gandys was founded by two brothers, Rob & Paul who tragically lost both parents in Sri Lanka on the day of the Tsunami.

Their parents were free-spirited, avid travellers, moving to India when the boys were just 11 and 13; encouraging them to open their eyes to the many wonders of the world- volunteering and helping local families and children in an admirably altruistic existence.

In true spirit of their parents, they refused to let tragedy define their future and in 2011, Gandys launched a colourful range of flip flops (for both men and women) with a ultimate goal to support children in need and ‘create a legacy in their parents name’, transforming their horrific loss as a means to make a positive difference to others’ lives.


In the short space of time, they’ve funded a children’s home in Sri Lanka for the next three years, offering ‘medication, education, nutrition and a safe place to be’, via their charitable organisation orphans for orphans. 10% of all profits raised with Gandys is donated to the fund, and as part of their long term plan, aim to build similar homes all across the globe.

Following successful collaborations with the likes of Accessorize and Liberty’s (the latter selling out completely in just a few hours) Gandys will be working alongside Oasis and the Victoria & Albert Museum with a limited edition womenswear collection. The aesthetic is delicate and elegant, featuring botanical prints sourced exclusively from V&A archives.


Flip flops, or to use the local term, ‘slippers’ are perhaps the most practical footwear for travellers and locals alike. From kicking aside to dip toes in the Indian Ocean to respectfully removing at the entrance of Buddhist temples, you will find yourself spending less time fiddling with shoe laces or buckles and more time to explore!

To find out more about Rob & Paul’s story, their book ‘The Tsunami Kids’ is available worldwide, a percentage of the profits also donated to the Orphans for Orphans charity. Its’s an emotional yet inspiring read, of tragedy and loss but most importantly, finding strength to transform their pain into improving and changing the lives of others.

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