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Home Of The Muscle Community: The Gym Kadey Memes

‘Counting Calories’, ‘Cheat Day’, ‘Protein-Shake’ and ‘Leg Day’; are they in your daily vocabulary?

Have you noticed that all your excuses have just two words: ‘gym machan’?

Have you lost your friends since you can’t come out on Fridays or even Saturdays, or the fact that you don’t down beers like you used to because… well, calories?

Do you feel more home at gym than at your own house?

You are not alone. Welcome to Gym Kadey Memes – laugh, cry, agree and show your mother!

Gym Kadey Memes is the brain child of ANIMAL and TheCook, two anonymous individuals who started this delightful Facebook page to share memes based on everything gym related. From little insights and advice to obvious complaints, the memes have taken over the home feeds like sweat left over on the bench. On the ‘adoh sirawata’ basis that everyone has the same thoughts, they founded a community.

Now everyone knows how the ‘kadey’ is important to the Sri Lankan culture. This is where people meet up, have their tea, catch up on their day and share their news just like in ‘kopi kadey’. So the founders decided that instead of being mundane and calling it ‘Sri Lankan Gym Memes’, they would make it a place where gym addicts could share their love for the muscles. With the famous ‘Sri Lankan Memes’ sharing their page, they were suddenly the one guy at the gym with a bottle of water; followers… followers everywhere.

Since then, the page has been as active as the gym on a Monday evening to create relevant memes and if you make a good enough meme, they’ll feature it on their page too.

Have a look at some (the ones that are suitable for a public platform) and if you think you share their feelings (You don’t have to share their towels, don’t worry), go like the page and become part of the kadey crew!


Source: facebook.com/gymkadeymemes

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