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Ramadan 2015 in Sri Lanka – In Pictures

Almost two weeks into the holy month of Ramadan, Instagram is teeming with great pictures of the festivities and religious observances around the island. The pictures are also a wonderful way of seeing how Muslims experience the month long fast – such as young boys playing cricket in their white t-shirt, sarong and cap to pass time. We have rounded up a group of the 10 best pictures posted within the first two weeks. Do read the descriptions too, they provide more insight into the Islamic festival.

Intricate interior of the Red Mosque in Pettah

Let's perform Salah! The Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه و سلم) peace be upon him said; "There is a room in Jannah where the exterior is seen from the interior, and the interior is seen from the exterior. " Someone asked: "Who is it for, Messenger of Allah?" He said: "It is for the one whose speech is pleasant, he feeds others, and he spends the night standing while the people are asleep" Narrated by Al-Tabarani, Al-Hakim, and graded sahih by Al-Albani #lka #srilanka #colombo #pettah #masjidulalfar #redmosque #sammankottupalli #masjid #islam #muslim #spiritual #placeofworship #moorish #monumental #architecture #history #urban #instagood #igers #tflers #travelgram #ramadanlk #myramadan #sharingramadan #theramadanproject #thepettahproject #spreadtheloveforsrilanka

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Social Media Day was held on the 28th of June. A special iftar was organized for all the Muslim attendees.

Breathtaking photograph of the Red Mosque in Pettah

Jamiul Alfar known as Red Mosque Main Street view. #colombo #cmb #lka #lk #mosque #srilanka

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Game of cricket before Iftar?

A little boy sips tea after the special night time Tharaweeh prayers that are held during the month of Ramadan.

Drinking Tea after Tharaweeh Prayers at mosque. #RamadanLK #MyRamadan #RamadaninSL

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An old man (with an impressive white beard) reads the Quran on his tablet.

At the first sighting of what is a sliver of a crescent moon the fasting commences.

During the month of Ramadan the mosque distribute kanji – rice porridge that is had during iftar.

To see people of different age groups carrying buckets /jugs around in the evenings during the holy month of Ramadhan is a common sight. The local mosque distributes what we call 'kanji' in Tamil which can be loosely termed as porridge for free every afternoon throughout the month of Ramadhan. This 'kanji' is a traditional food of sort with which the Muslims of #srilanka breaks the fast. The initial idea was to help the poor and homeless I guess. But now a days there is no such restrictions and anyone in the vicinity can go and get them for free. But you have to pre apply and get the coupons in certain mosques so they know how much to make so they wont run out of kanji or they won't prepare excess. The cost is usually shared by few generous individuals or most of the time by a single individual. #RamadanLK #MyRamadan

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Close to Asar (the fourth daily prayer) most of the mosques will have short-eat vendors around. Short-eats and kanji are iftar staples.

Food aside, Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslim spend more time focusing on Islam. Suhoor is the first of the five daily prayers and those fasting refrain from consuming food and water from this time (the break of dawn) until sunset.


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