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The Sri Lankan Twitter Community is popular for its occasional meetups. Now that we are in the month of Ramadan, it most definitely calls for yet another reason to interact. Tweeps Iftar (#TweepsIftar) is here for the 3rd consecutive year and is causing quite a buzz on twitter lately.

The first Iftar gathering was held in 2012 by a handful of tweeps at Dinemore in Wellawatte and the following year, at the Sasakawa Hall in Colpetty, with a presence of around 60, where the buffet was provided by Arabian Knight Restaurant.

This year it is back with a bang, scheduled to happen on the 25th of July at Cioconat Lounge. This meetup will also include an awareness session for the attendees, since it is not limited to Muslims. Here the non-Muslim tweeps will learn about the practices of Islam and its rituals to promote harmony.

Tweeps can register via this link. Participants are expected to contribute Rs. 1000 because this is not a sponsored event. Generous contributors can contact @hajara_ or @ahamednishadh for proper instructions. This is exclusively open for twitter users only.

Here and here are pics from the last TweepsIftar.

See you there!

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