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Unheard Voices: Muslim Women Vs The MMDA

It has been a rough and prolonged journey for women advocating for reform of the controversial Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), the law that governs several aspects of family life for Sri Lankan Muslims. Originally drawn from a colonial-era piece of legislation, the MMDA of 1951 has been problematic since its inception, with those from both within and outside the Muslim community pointing to injustices that take place under it; injustices that violate both human rights and religious principles.


On Sore Throats And Runny Noses; How Not To Get The ‘Flu This Season

Getting the ‘flu may not be fun, but it is generally not something people tend to worry about too much- to most, it just means a lot of nose-blowing, a few days in bed and sick leave from work or school. However, it is influenza season in Sri Lanka, and everyone seems to be sniffling, coughing or woefully blowing their noses at every corner we turn. The last two months also saw a rise in the number of influenza cases in Galle, Matara and other towns down south, with many Sri Lankans worrying that we might be seeing an epidemic or even some new disease. While health authorities dismissed these fears and pointed out that the outbreak was the usual spike we see during the dreaded ‘flu season’, they also stressed on the importance of trying to combat its spread.


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