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The New Guide To Expert Parenting – Just A Click Away

Pregnancy comes with more than just the pregnancy glow and the joy of becoming a mother. As exciting as it is to have your first child, it is tied with big responsibilities. While picking out names and learning to take care of your baby may seem quite effortless at the start, it is bound to get intimidating along the way. Buying countless number of books and trying to educate yourself on all that you need to know before having your first child is very common. In reality how often do you manage to get to the end of the countless number of books you purchase without stressing yourself along the way? Many Sri Lankan moms try to swim their way through these overly informative books or take the old school option of calling their mothers for tips and advice.

Moving forward from flipping through books on pregnancy and parenting. Image Courtesy: Yummyblogger.com

In an era where most women are savvy with the internet, Pears has come up with a solution to move on from the tradition of flipping through books and calling parents. Introducing www.Pearsbaby.com – Sri Lanka’s first parenting portal, carrying everything moms need to know about all things related to pregnancy and taking care of a newborn. Pearsbaby.com is fully fledged with informative articles for anyone from pregnant women to new moms. It is important to understand that no matter where you are in your journey to motherhood, we are also in that experimenting and trial and error phase. This is when  Pearsbaby.com comes in handy, as it has everything from a pregnancy calendar to a child development calendar to even lists of adorable baby names.

Baby development calendar giving moms the opportunity to track their baby’s growth. Image Courtesy: pearsbaby.com

Equipped in English, Sinhala, and Tamil, www.pearsbaby.com functions by offering multiple services to lift some of the tension off the shoulders of our wonderful moms.

Registration Portal – Subscribe to weekly Newsletters to track their baby’s development. Image Courtesy: pearsbaby.com

The Registration Portal allows moms to enter their due date and the portal sends in weekly newsletters giving moms the opportunity to track their baby’s development from Baby to Toddler to Preschool Years.

Making the task of choosing names interesting and easy. Image Courtesy: pearsbaby.com

Living in a country rich in culture and traditions it is almost mandatory to put in a lot of effort when picking out your baby’s name, as they need to have a significant meaning behind them. Spending days brainstorming for names can be as boring and tiring as it sounds. Pears parenting portal comes to every parents rescue by offering a wide range of names for both boys and girls with the meanings in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

Baby development calendar giving moms the opportunity to track their baby’s growth. Image Courtesy: pearsbaby.com

It is in every mother’s instinct to track their baby’s Development throughout every step but paying attention to every little detail can be tiresome. Thats why Pearsbaby.com – Functioning as a user friendly parenting portal gives you information on your baby’s growth every month from the date of Birth to toddler and even Preschool Years.

Functioning as a user- friendly parenting portal for moms, the Pears parenting portal does not just focus on being informative but also focuses on convenience with offering everything at just a click. Providing more than just the ordinary information a mother needs to know, Pearsbaby.com has now made finding parenting information  easier than ever before.

Furthermore, with Pears having relaunched with Pure Olive Oil and Rich Moisture for Irresistibly Baby Soft Skin, the portal also carries information on all the new products that are now available in the market.

Visit www.pearsbaby.com

The portal also carries information on all the new products launched by Pears. Image Courtesy: pearsbaby.com

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