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Coworking Spaces in Colombo (2018)

A little over two years ago, we wrote about finding coworking spaces in Colombo. Since then, things have changed. By a lot, actually. So we figured it will be good to do a fresh round up of some of Sri Lanka’s newest (and coziest) coworking spaces for startups and digital nomads.


Opened late last year, Hatch, which is located a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Center in Colombo’s central business district (CBD), is perhaps the coolest coworking space we’ve seen in the country so far. Its spacious, well-designed and lit work spaces are a boon for anyone.

Hatch is drop-dead gorgeous / Credits: Hatch

However, Hatch is more than just a regular coworking space. Founded by a team spearheaded by prominent local startup evangelist Jeevan Gnanam, Hatch defines itself as a collaboration space for young entrepreneurs to meet, learn, collaborate, and crucially, grow. Startups can choose to pursue and make use of the mentorship and investment opportunities that come their way, whilst being facilitated by Hatch. All this and more can be had for Rs. 14,500 upwards per month.


Having opened its doors recently, we like HomeTree since it is located right in the middle of Bambalapitiya, closer to some of our favourite restaurants, Hotel Plaza and Pilawoos included.

Leaving aside the gastronomic attractions aside however, HomeTree stays true to its name and offers its tenants a rather homely vibe. Different sections of the building each have their own unique theme and matching decor.

If you register before the 30th of December, you can get a hot desk for Rs. 12,000 upwards per month.

Colombo Cooperative

Colombo Co-op is another new coworking space that has opened up in Colombo / Credits: Colombo Co-op

Colombo Cooperative is another new coworking space that started welcoming members in May this year. Located on the 7th floor of the new Amana Bank building in Colpetty, Colombo Co-op sees itself more as a community and much like Hatch, hosts frequent community events (minus the incubator aspect). Memberships are available for Rs. 7,000 while desks can be had for Rs. 18,000 upwards per month.

Likuid Spaces

Likuid Spaces benefits from a nice and quiet, yet convenient location / Credits: Likuid Spaces

Continuing the trend of energizing, good looking, and calm-inducing coworking spaces is Likuid Spaces, which opened for business a few weeks ago. Located down Charles Place in Colpetty, this coworking space is tucked nicely away from the blaring horns of vehicles plying Duplication Road.

Custom pricing is available depending on your requirements, and they can be contacted via their website.

CoCo Space

CoCo, based in Havelock Town offers additional flexibility for digital nomad types because they charge by the hour. Pricing schemes such as these are quite valuable for entrepreneurs who are going down the bootstrapped route, and as a result, need to make the most out of every rupee. Pricing starts at Rs. 200 per hour.

CoCo Space is the most flexible, allowing you to pay by the hour / Credits: CoCo Space

All in all, it’s quite nice to see improvements in the quality of coworking spaces available in the country. And as more scrappy entrepreneurs start making use of these facilities to the maximum, Sri Lanka’s propensity to innovate should also rise, which is good news for everyone.

Cover image courtesy: Likuid Spaces

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