The vibrancy of South Asia captured through informative, entertaining and powerful storytelling.

By collaborating with organisations from various sectors, we create effective campaigns that shine a spotlight on diverse topics.

We ignite conversations,
sparking real change.

With four primary languages up our alley, our digital reach across South Asia is in the millions.

Since 2014, our work has earned us region-wide recognition. Roar is renowned for its excellent coverage of the people, places, and ideas that define our region.


Years in operation


Media Experts


Social Reach



Roar employs a journalistic, collaborative approach.

We learn the challenges and triumphs of impactful initiatives and foster a more balanced dialogue where diverse perspectives are given an unbiased global platform. 

Every story we share not only resonates with truth and purpose but also champions the voices often sidelined and unheard.

We’re levelling the playing field.

We are a Roar Global Company

Roar Global represents world’s leading digital platforms, helping them enter new markets and reach new audiences in the Asia Pacific.

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