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Brace yourselves; this is bound to be something exciting for our fellow Colombars!

So you’ve seen the Facebook advertisements, but what is this market all about? The main aim of The Colombo Design Market, the brainchild of Alifiya Mutaher, is to bring together creative personalities under one roof. No one is discriminated against; fashion designers, artists, photographers, performers and architects alike are encouraged to get together and showcase their work.

A design market is a space that encourages discourse between artistic personalities – both visiting and taking part. The entire platform is aimed at creating an informal, fun atmosphere for the exchange of ideas. This experience is completely new to Sri Lanka and we think it’s bound to inspire many, both young and old, to ignite their creative spirits.

As such, the market will feature pop up stores for various artisans who wish to sell their work. You can also expect to find performers from various fields; be it singer-songwriters, dancers or poets taking the stage. The market promises to be a playground for young architects or interior design students to experiment beyond their workplaces or universities, from model-making to sculpture. The entire production sounds like it’s bound to be heaps of fun, especially for Colombo, where a creative platform like this is hard to come by.

colombo design market

We think it’s a great idea to be able to bring together creative minds and encourage cross dialogue within various genres. This is something that hasn’t really been experimented with before, at least on such a grand scale. We’ve seen pop up markets work in many countries, where designers and artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work. Often, these designers wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so if not for these markets. Therefore, the Colombo Design Market has immense potential to create societal benefit, by boosting small scale, independent designers and facilitating creative discourse.

The main aim of the market is to create an encouraging environment for people to express themselves, experiment, collaborate and discover unexplored avenues in Colombo.

The market launches on the 14th of December and will happen every second Sunday of the month at the Laksala Museum Gallery Café. The gates open at 11am and it carries on till 6pm, so don’t worry about waking up super early to join in on the fun! Our team will definitely be checking the market out, so we hope to see you there!

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